I run this blog using Word Press on a shared server. I could use one of a number of free blogging services like blogger.com and save myself the effort of having to update the software every now and again and deal with the other admin tasks that running a blog this way. I don’t because I just the tiniest bit paranoid. I don’t want to sign everything other to Google; although I do already use Gmail, Google Apps, Picasa, Google Code and Google Analytics so it’s not like a could be much more dependent on them. For a second after looking at the list that I just wrote I got really paranoid. And then I felt resigned – maybe the blog should go on Google as well.

I just took a look at:


Part of me worries about this and part of me is resigned to it. Even a little seduced by it. The scalability, free hosting and (I assume) increased reliability are very attractive.

I guess that it won’t take over the enterprise web app market for a while but I guess that that has to be a target. But how much does one want to lock oneself into a company for this sort of thing? Can we use deploy apps on other servers with other companies?

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  1. RedEditor says:

    I was just discussing this the other day with a programmer… what if Google is just banking that the all encompassing “we” will not notice that everything we use traces back to t h e m? That os until someone like you types a list in some blog and exclaims “Waaaait a minute!”.

    I am proud of you taking the road less stumbled. Continue on and other justifiably paranoid friends will follow.

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